Buyers Title
Role of the real estate broker and salesperson
  Distinction between real estate broker and salesperson
  Compulsory licencing
  Duties and obligations of real estate brokers and salespeople
Consumer protection mechanisms
  Professional development
  Entrance examination
  Discipline Committee
  Professional liability insurance
  The Recovery Fund
How much can I afford to invest in a home?
  Analyzing your financial capacity
  Estimating your maximum mortgage loan
  Calculating your monthly housing budget
How much financing do I need?
  Cash expenses
  Calculating related expenses
  Summary of calculations
  Calculating the amount of financing required
  Home Buyer's Plan
  Monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed
Choosing your home
  Defining your needs
  Organizing your search
  Choosing well
  Facts sheets
The Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  Content of the offer to purchase
The counter-offer
Conditions of acceptance
Using Specialized Services
  Main services used when purchasing real estate
The mortgage loan
  Types of loans
The property transfer
  Title examination
  Registration of rights of ownership
The Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission
Do you have a problem?

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